Medical Alumni Association

White Coat

Photo Credit: Freddie Fu, MD 


The University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine began the formal White Coat Ceremony in 1999, celebrating and establishing the annual entry tradition of the next matriculating class of students into the medical profession. During the ceremony, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine alumni and faculty members cloak students in their first white coat as a symbol of the trust being bestowed upon them to carry on the noble tradition of medicine. To the incoming medical students, the white coat symbolizes the promise the wearer has made to heal and care. Taking the Hippocratic Oath confirms each student into the broader medical community ensuring the knowledge of both their peers and alumni can be strengthened and respected throughout the next four years.

The White Coat Ceremony is a token of the generosity of the our alumni sponsors Dr. Freddie Fu (Class of 1977) and Mrs. Hilda Pang Fu and the Pitt Med alumni community to create an environment of support from the first day of medical school to the last. The tradition and legacy of this prestigious event is mirrored in the dedication of each faculty member, the compassion of each Pitt Med Alumni, and the willingness to question and learn of each medical student. During medical school the Medical Alumni Association, along with the support system of families, will only continue to strengthen this drive to excellence.

Our 2018 White Coat Ceremony saw the largest attendance to date, with over 1000 family members, friends, and faculty in attendance. As a result of this ceremony, students will know that with the support of their peers, families, and broader alumni community that they will succeed. See more pictures from this year’s White Coat Ceremony in our photo section or watch the recorded event here.