Medical Alumni Association

Tom Kaffenberger, MS-4

My name is Tom Kaffenberger. I am a fourth year medical student pursuing a residency in Otolaryngology and just attended the American Academy of Otolaryngology’s National Conference in San Diego from 9/17-9/20.

As anyone who has gone through the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine can attest to, there is a research emphasis on students. After almost four years of school here, I have benefited tremendously from this focused learning.  At the AAO Conference, I presented a research poster entitled, “Prognostic factors associated with Ossicular Chain Reconstruction Revision Surgery Outcomes” that was done with mentorship from Dr. David Chi of the Pediatric Otolaryngology Division of the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

The work essentially looked at what operative and demographic factors influenced surgery success, or improved hearing, in kids requiring replacement of their middle ear bones- the stapes, incus and malleus. Beyond presenting this work, the conference was a wonderful opportunity for me to network within my specialty and lay the groundwork for a successful residency match (hopefully!).

I am very grateful for the funding of the MAA and the alumni that made it possible for me to travel for this trip. Thank you for your support!


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