Medical Alumni Association

Christy Taylor, MS-2

Read about Christy's experience at the American Heart Association EPI Lifestyle Conference in New Orleans! 

Attending the University of Pittsburgh has provided a breadth of research opportunities I could not have fathomed prior to my acceptance. I have a passion for public health and hope to incorporate these principles into clinical practice in the future. Selecting an area to conduct research during my time here was simple! Since the summer of 2017, I have conducted research at the school of public health, exploring indices of sleep (in particular snoring) and how it relates to subclinical cardiovascular disease. My mentor encouraged me to submit an abstract to the American Heart Association EPI Lifestyle 2018 conference held in New Orleans and to my delight, I was accepted to present my research!

 I had the opportunity to network with people from all parts of the globe, speaking to them about their research and learning best practices on how to develop myself professionally. Public speaking is an invaluable skill in medicine (and any field for that matter!). Speaking about my research in front of a group in a sophisticated, yet eloquent manner was a great way for me to become more comfortable expressing myself and receive feedback from professionals who have mastered this skillset. I attended talks on topics related to physical activity, diet and hypertension to name a few and learned some interesting facts that I hope to share with patients in the near future as I transition to third year and spend more time in the hospital.

In addition to attending the conference, I had the chance to try some of the native cuisine while doing a bit of exploring and was pleasantly surprised with both the food and people! I had never been to New Orleans before and am so thankful to have visited such a wonderful city. As a medical student, it can be tough to participate in certain endeavors such as research conferences as they can be quite costly to attend. I am so grateful for the Medical Alumni Association and compassionate alumni whose generosity allow students like myself to engage in enriching opportunities that promote professional development and self-growth. I believe these types of experiences will only help to shape me into the future physician I hope to become. Thank you for making this wonderful experience possible!