Medical Alumni Association

What Does Your Gift Support?

Financial Aid

Graduating medical students, on average, face a debt burden of over $100,000. As the cost of medical education continues to soar, gifts that support scholarships help students focus on their studies and allow them to choose a career path based on personal passion and not economic gain. Pitt’s ability to attract the brightest and most talented medical scholars each year depends on its ability to offer financial assistance.


Pitt Medical students have access to a wide array of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and research opportunities that enhance their experience and the value of their Pitt education. From global health opportunities, to conference networking experiences, current students take advantage of all the University has to offer, and that is made possible by donor support.


Medical students at Pitt are connected to their classes and the alumni community 24/7. Using the alumni based support; students receive their White Coat Ceremony, Orientation Luncheon, Graduation Luncheon, 3rd year pinning, and Scope and Scalpel events. Donations make possible the pivotal programming that aids students as they enter into their education and residency programs.

Student Coffee

Over the course of four years, the MAA brews more than 7,000 gallons of free coffee for current Pitt Med Students, provided by the generosity of our medical alumni. This coffee not only serves as a much needed caffeine boost, but puts the MAA in touch with the students on a daily basis, connecting students to each other and to the broader Pitt Medical Alumni family. This connection has fostered an environment where students want to continue to connect with alumni and attend alumni functions while enjoying a unique and appreciated gift from former students to the next generation of physicians.