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William S. McEllroy Distinguished Resident Award

Born in Pittsburgh in 1893, William S. McEllroy earned both his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Pittsburgh and a graduate degree in chemistry from Harvard. He then returned to Pitt, where his talent for administration soon became evident.

Dr. McEllroy’s vision and efforts as Dean of the School of Medicine from 1938 to 1958 transformed the school into a world-class research institution. He vigorously pursued funding for research programs and recruited leading scientists such as Dr. Benjamin Spock and Dr. Jonas Salk. Under Dr. McEllroy’s guidance, the University established residency programs in the various specialties; acquired Western State Psychiatric Hospital (now Thomas Detre Hall of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic) for research of psychiatric diseases; and constructed Scaife Hall, then a state-of-the-art home for the medical school.

The William S. McEllroy Distinguished Resident Award is presented annually by the Medical Alumni Association in recognition of Dr. McEllroy’s accomplishments. The award is presented to an outstanding non-alumnus who undertook residency training at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

View our 2016 award winner, Dr. James Kang.

Previous McEllroy Award Recipients

1993-1994     Dr. Bartley P. Griffith
1994-1995    Dr. Edward N. Hanley Jr.
1995-1996    Dr. James A. Shaver
1996-1997    Dr. Mark A. Sperling
1997-1998    Dr. L. Dade Lunsford
1998-1999    Dr. Vert Mooney
1999-2000    Dr. Marshall W. Webster
2000-2001    Dr. Paul B. Nelson
2001-2002    Dr. Dorothy J. Becker
2002-2003    Dr. Timothy R. Billiar
2003-2004    Dr. Vincent P. Verdile
2004-2005    Dr. Michael J. Fine
2005-2006    Dr. Lawrence R. Wechsler
2006-2007    Dr. Frederick L. Brancati
2007-2008    Dr. Beth M. Piraino
2008-2009    Dr. Charles F. Reynolds III
2010-2011    Dr. William Klunk
2011-2012    Dr. Nancy Snyderman    
2012-2013    Dr. Donald Yealy
2013-2014    Dr. Ian F. Pollack
2014-2015    Dr. David A. Geller
2015-2016    No Award
2016-2017    Dr. James Kang