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Philip S. Hench Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. Philip S. Hench was born on February 28, 1896. His father was a well-known leader in education in western Pennsylvania. Dr. Hench received his premedical training at Lafayette College and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1920. He then served a rotating internship at St. Francis Hospital.

Dr. Hench became a member of the staff of the Mayo Clinic in 1923 and worked extensively in the field of rheumatic diseases until his retirement in 1957. In 1950, he received the Nobel Prize in Medicine along with Dr. Edward C. Kendall and Dr. Tadeus Reichstein “for discoveries in the hormones of the adrenal cortex, their structure and biological effects.”

The Medical Alumni Association has established the Philip S. Hench Distinguished Alumnus Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements. The award is presented annually to a graduate of the School of Medicine and is the highest honor the Medical Alumni Association can confer upon one of its members.

Read about our 2017 Philip S. Hench Award Winner, Theresa Guise, MED'85. 

Previous Hench Award Recipients

1970    Dr. William S. McEllroy, Class of '16
1971    Dr. Harry F. Bisel, Class of '42
1972    Dr. John J. Conley, Class of '37
1973    Dr. C. H. William Ruhe, Class of '40
1974    Dr. Henry J. Mankin, Class of '53
1975    Dr. George H. Fetterman, Class of '30
1976    Dr. Bernard Fisher, Class of '43
1977    Dr. Leo H. Criep, Class of '20
1978    Dr. Paul L. McLain, Class of '32
1979    Dr. Ross H. Musgrave, Class of '43
1980    Dr. Paul C. Gaffney, Class of '42
1981    Dr. Bert W. O’Malley, Class of '63
1982    Dr. Marjorie Price Wilson, Class of '49
1983    Dr. Steven C. Beering, Class of '58
1984    Dr. Charles D. Bluestone, Class of '58
1985    Dr. Robert E. Lee, Class of '56
1986    Dr. Robert N. Berk, Class of '55
1987    Dr. William F. Donaldson Jr., Class of '43
1988    Dr. Stewart Sell, Class of '60
1989    Dr. Campbell Moses, Class of '41
1990    Dr. Charles A. Coltman Jr., Class of '56
1991    Dr. Robert J. Hartsock, Class of '57
1992    Dr. Edwin R. Fisher, Class of '47
1993    Dr. George R. Leopold, Class of '62
1994    Dr. John F. Holt, Class of '38
1995    Dr. Barry M. Brenner, Class of '62
1996    Dr. Paul A. Chervenick, Class of '61
1997    Dr. James J. Corrigan Jr., Class of '61
1998    Dr. Mark B. Orringer, Class of '67
1999    Dr. Catherine D. DeAngelis, Class of '69
2000    Dr. Freddie H. Fu, Class of ‘77
2001    Dr. Ernest E. Moore, Jr., Class of ’72
2002    Dr. Robert D. D’Ambrosia, Class of ‘64
2003    Dr. Timothy J. Eberlein, Class of ‘77
2004    Dr. Miles M. Weinberger, Class of ‘65
2005    Dr. John C. LaRosa, Class of ‘65
2006    Dr. Eugene P. Orringer, Class of ‘69
2007    Dr. Bertram H. Lubin, Class of ‘64
2008    Dr.  Randolph A. Miller, Class of ‘76
2009    Dr. Harvey M. Golomb, Class of ‘68
2010    Dr. Jennifer Grandis, Class of ‘87
2011    Dr. Philip Raskin, Class of ‘66
2012    Dr. Michael Grever, Class of ‘71
2013    Dr. Johanna Seddon, Class of ‘74
2014    Dr. Harry Rubash, Class of '79
2015    Dr. Eric A. Klein, Class of '81
2017    Dr. Theresa A. Guise, Class of '85