Medical Alumni Association

Class of 1972

Class Act

With the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine graduating an average of 150 individuals each year into residency programs, it is common for classmates to lose touch over time. That’s why it’s so inspiring when a class remains close for decades after graduating. The advent of the digital era, coupled with the MAA’s ongoing efforts to make Alumni  Weekend a place to reignite friendships and mingle with others who share the same experiences, mean that more and more people are coming together to fondly remember their time at Pitt Med.

The Class of 1972 has created a unique bond among friends, colleagues, and collaborators that has withstood the test of time. As their 45th year reunion approaches at the 2017 Alumni Weekend (which will take place September 15-16, 2017) the Class of ’72 has already begun brainstorming ideas for personalizing their class reunion experience. Working with the MAA to tailor the weekend to better fit the preferences of their class, they are creating a weekend filled with excitement that’s developing into a truly personal experience.

This close-knit class decided to take their connection one step further by creating a philanthropic fund in 2013 to honor the research and values that extend generationally from past alumni to current students. The Class of 1972 Student Research Fund supports the intellectual curiosity of current students and helps to offset the costs of student-directed research. Awarded each year, the Class of 1972 Student Research Fund creates a legacy that will live in perpetuity, exemplifying the class standards.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2019 Alumni Weekend or how you can be involved with your class to create class events or give to MAA funds, please or call 412-648-9090.